What We Sell


Classics such as Fried Rice, Hokkien Noodles to Laksa and noodles soups!

Sandwiches and Rolls

With a wide selection to choose from, toasted cheese and tomato, to pork and gravy rolls! Come and try today.

Hot Food

Spring Rolls, Kabanas, Dim Sims, Beef Pies, Chips & Gravy we have a lot to choose from!

Coffee & Tea

We have great coffee and a wide selection of tea to choose from, grab our business card for a free Tea/Coffee for every 6th drink you buy!

Cold Drinks

Milkshakes, Thickshakes and Frappes! Come in this summer to enjoy our ice cold drinks!

Takeaway Containers

We have ready-made Chinese food available all day, just come in and get a container. $9.9 for a Small (3 Choices) and $10.9 for a Large (4 Choices)


What We Do


Fresh Takeaway

Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai takeaway freshly made to order for you! Just look at our menu and call us or head instore to order!


We offer catering for parties, just let us know what you would like and when you want to pick it up! We offer catering for any occasion and any dishes you might need be it a tray of our amazing Spring Rolls to a large tray of our famous Teriyaki Chicken!


Want to have a nice dinner outside of the home? Come to our Cafe! We offer functions in the late afternoon to 8 pm. If you need a casual function or just a small party in a cosy and relaxing atmosphere then contact us today!





Contact Us


Our Address

Adress : Shop 11, 7-11 Walker Rd, Edmonton. 4869.
Phone: (07) 4045 5123
Email: [email protected]
Located Inside Coles Shopping Centre right next to Coles Supermarket!